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Slovene–Liechtenstein Business Institute

Slovene–Liechtenstein Business Institute

was declared on 28 August 2017 by Prince Nikolaus von und zu Liechtenstein in Rogaška Slatina

Slovene–Liechtenstein Business Institute it is supposed to upgrade
the Slovene- Liechtenstein Friendship Association and strengthen business and bilateral relations between the two countries.

»Slovene–Liechtenstein Business Institute plays a fundamental role
in enhancing the cooperation between the two countries«
mag. Franc Mikša
former Slovenian Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Who we are

»The two countries have been cooperating for some time now, however, there are still many opportunities that are to be seized in Liechtenstein as well as in Slovenia. Liechtenstein, one of the richest countries in the world, offers numerous opportunities in banking, IT sector, and high technologies. Slovenia, on the other hand, seems to be interesting mainly for investors.«

What we do

Slovene – Liechtenstein Business Institute brings together members and eligible business entities operating in Slovenia as well as in all 5 Alpine regions, primarily in the Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. We are, namely, building up a network of individuals and business entities for which our scope of activities might represent an opportunity for their development as well as a new business challenge that may bring success in the Alpine macroregion.

In the framework of the Business Institute a central, strategic project has been carried out for some time,
which has been named Alpine Bridge, and it is twofold:



Involves all the projects that prove to be beneficial for the Slovenian entities performing their activities in the northern Alpine region (FL, CH).

What can we offer to the Slovenian companies
carrying out their activities in Liechtenstein and Switzerland:

  • stable and safe business financial environment that is at the top end of the European and global market
  • the best possible globally incorporated supportive environment, providing best business partners and entities.



Involves all the activities (services, assistance, advice) that prove to be useful for foreign citizens and business entities from the northern Alpine region (FL, CH) that aim to carry out their business activities in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe.

What can we offer to Liechtensteinian and Swiss companies
in Slovenia and South-Eastern Europe:

  • highly competent and skilled workforce,
  • good investment environment that brings market yields,
  • academic exchanges and student work placements
Dear Mr. Likar
Dear Mrs. Kolar

Many thanks for your kind feedback.
I very much enjoyed participating at your congress.

Best regards

Oyvin Furustol
Oyvin Furustol, CFA | LGT Bank Ltd. | Head Investment Services Europe

The mission of THE Institute

The mission of our Business Institute is based on three fundamental concepts that are very important for the region and the entrepreneurial activities in the area:

  • EU Alpine macroregion
  • Private Banking / Asset Management
  • Cultural and historic heritage of the Alpine countries

Anyone who would like to support us financially can transfer your donation to a transaction account with an annotation “Donacija”: →


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